Pratap J – Landscape and Travel Photographer

Pratap J is a landscape and travel photographer from Bangalore, India. He loves shooting in the great outdoors of India – a country so vast that he thinks one lifetime is not sufficient to cover the length and breadth of the country. An engineer by education and profession, Pratap J works hard to balance his hobby and day job. His weekends are almost always dedicated to photography and travel. When he is not living off a backpack, he is mentoring other photography enthusiasts in a classroom or in the field.

Pratap loves to write about the places he visits in detail. He has been blogging at since 2006. His articles are a documentation of his experiences and also offer readers information about popular travel destinations. Combined with his stunning photography, the website is source of high quality content for travel enthusiasts.

Q: How did you take to photography? How did you get into the frame?
My love for photography is an extension of my love for nature and the outdoors. From when I can remember, everything about forests, mountains, streams, animals and birds fascinated me. I grew up in a big metropolitan city, so I couldn’t spend enough time venturing out into the wild.

When I could afford a digital camera, I realized that it gave me a good reason to connect with nature. After I exhausted options to photograph in and around my hometown, I began to travel. I soon discovered that travel combined with photography was a great combo! Those were the days when blogging was just picking up. I jumped onto the bandwagon and started my website, in 2006. I intended it to be a photo-blog and a documentation of my travels. In no time I had three deep interests – travel, photography and blogging. I still continue all three to this day.

Q: Is this your primary line of work? Or something you do as a special interest?
Photography and travel are purely out of passion. My middle class parents toiled hard all their life to see me through good education, so I prefer not to let that go futile. In spite of the internet hype around quitting your job to follow your passion, I believe in being practical.

That said, I treat photography as something sacred. It is easy to get bogged down by the mundane. Finding inspiration when you have bills to pay, deadlines to meet, and when you are stuck for long hours in traffic jams is a challenge. I have learnt that things don’t happen in life unless you make them happen. While money is a great motivation to do things in life, passion is the fuel for life.

This interview was done for the All India Resort Development Association
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Pratap J – on Landscape & Travel Photography