What is Big on Talent all about?

It’s about people who have interesting stories to tell around the work they do, and the passion that drives them. I choose my “interviewees” based on three things – talent, potential and a natural flair for the kind of work they do.

These are people who have heard inner voices, to find purpose in perspective, form in expression – often raising the bar for themselves to perfect an art with extreme application. Not always easy in today’s work environments which give you plenty to do in the first place.

Who do I typically feature on the blog?

Designers, illustrators, movie makers, musicians, food bloggers, food stylists, latte artistes, bar jugglers, flame throwers, glass blowers, and skateboarders with wings. Wait, that list can get longer and longer with each passing day. Because tomorrow can bring you the kind of talent you didn’t even dream of yesterday.

Your profile will be an interesting addition to this list.

What is the interview process?

Step 01:  I start with a set of questions sent via mail, to obtain the first set of responses. There could be some information gaps out here, so I either speak to you on the phone or seek clarifications by email.

Step 02:  The next stage is when I re-write your responses, without losing out on individual appeal. This is necessary to fit into a certain style that I have managed to achieve on this blog. (Also a question of logic, story line and sequence.)

Step 03:  After I am happy with my edit, I share this with you – to make sure the facts are right, and I have not deviated too far from the original responses.

Step 04:  Once you feel this is okay, I normally do a final edit before the upload. At this point I would need a profile picture for the intro paragraph, and an image or video that I can sign-off with. (Please take a look at other interviews on the blog.)

How long does it take from start to finish?

The process typically takes 30 to 45 days depending on how soon we send back mail to each other. I’m a freelance advertising writer, so sometimes there could be small slow-downs from my side due to work pressures. You too, I’m sure will need to find the time to respond to the mails I send you. There’s no real rush on these projects, but as I’d like to say, “Take your time, but hurry!”

Why am I doing this?

I turned sixty five this year, and one of the things I always wanted to do was work with people who display exceptional talent. These conversations give me an opportunity to interact with new people, and perhaps stay “updated” in our challenging and fast-moving world.

It’s also my way of giving back to the talent industry, which gave me my first break to become a copywriter, a long time ago.